Chef (2014)

A light hearted comedy directed, produced, written and starring Jon Favreau, because when you are running the entire show, it is so easy to make Scarlett Johansson your casual fling and Sofia Vergara your ex-wife.

Jon Favreau plays the highly rated chef Carl Casper, who has been said to be the next best thing. When his creativity in the kitchen is restrained by the owner of the restaurant, Dustin Hoffman, resulting in a crippling internet review from the top online food critic, Oliver Platt. After a few hot heated tweets Carl is fired and searches for a job that can fill his cooking desires. When he returns to Miami with his ex-wife and his son, Percy, he decides to run a food truck with his sons help and his chef buddy Martin played by John Leguizamo.

Chef is such a positive movie. At the core, it has a great father and son relationship story and a lesson in doing what you love. If you love food like I do, then you will really enjoy this movie. As expected, there is a lot of cooking and it will make you crave all the dishes made. From the simple triple cheese grilled sandwich Carl whips up for Percy’s breakfast, to the slow barbequed meat sliders. This movie is like food seduction! Almost at the level of How I Met Your Mother’s episode ‘The Best Burger in New York’.

If you love travelling and cultural experiences like me, then you’ll love this movie even more. The second half of the movie takes place mainly on the road, travelling from Miami to Los Angeles in the food truck. As the road goes through Miami, New Orleans and Texas, every stop captures the culture, the music of the cities and the culinary foods in those locations. Like New Orleans French Quarter’s jazz and beighnets. If you have travelled to those cities before, you will be reminiscing as well as enjoying their adventure.

This movie unusually has an all-star cast for a smaller film. Sofia Vergara, Robert Downey Jr, John Leguizamo, Scarlett Johansson, Oliver Platt, Dustin Hoffman and randomly Russell Peters. They did not disappoint in their roles and the young actor Emjay Anthony who plays Percy did a sensational job in carrying the need for the father-son relationship.

I highly recommend you watch Chef! I loved it, I think you will too. You will have a lot of fun on this road trip adventure. It has a great positive energy. It’s motivating, inspiring, entertaining, sneakily funny and really enjoyable.

Last thought: It’s probably a good idea to eat after allowing this movie to build up an appetite.



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